I was born in the post-1985 era and go by the English name Tom. I’m interested in website design, internet marketing, and monetizing web traffic. Currently, I’m a freelancer specializing in search engine marketing consulting for overseas standalone sites and personal web mastering (related to software).

I graduated from Sichuan Agricultural University with a degree in E-commerce and stumbled into the world of Internet marketing by accident! My experience spans across dating websites, online stores, study abroad consultation services, and software development marketing projects, most of which were aimed at English-speaking markets. I’ve worked for 8 years in a software company in Chengdu, focusing on search engine channel-related tasks, mainly involving SEO content planning and updates, and PPC advertising campaigns.

Blog Purpose

The overall trend of the internet is shifting towards mobile devices, social media, and short videos, and there are fewer and fewer people who are truly grounded in writing and reading articles. Publishing content through blogs and independent sites seems rather outdated.

This site is merely for recording, organizing, and sharing my own life, work, and interests.